16 hours ago
I did not saw you coming

All my life I have been dreaming of someone who is a great guy.
But I push him away.

Overwhelmed with the things around me, preoccupied of the things that nearly destroy me. Yet you stand beside and wait for me.

I promised myself to never do it again, never let my heart get over my head.
But over thinking made me lose the only person who cared.

I never want to break my heart to peices, never wanted to feel betrayed any longer so I decided to make our friendship over.

I thought I was ok. I thought my mind won. But in my heart I was sad.

I never thought I will fall. But I did. Yet you are gone.

I never saw it coming. But here I am again. Broken and falling apart.

1 month ago
it was never you!

2nd chapter seems so promising.
attentions are everywhere. time is all for me. but i never thought second chance is to say goodbye.

months of running for the lies. moments with you was like endless and perfect.

huh! i never even now what to right.

all i know, t’was like yesterday, when i cried my eyes out to win you back.
i cried my eyes out just to correct what was wrong.
cried my eyes out just to erase the words said and done.
and never imagine to smile.

but the days turns to months that the pain healed and hearing your name wont hurt me anymore. memories wont break me down once more. now i can say i am happy again.

there still times when i am afriad to try so i wont cry. but now i know that i will never be yours and you will never be mine. because all we have was a dream. my dream.

now i can smile. looking forward for the man of mine. and yes ‘the one’ is not you. it was never you.


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bit jealous

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